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Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J

“A man should try hard and always do his best at work and never be concerned with what the outcome may be.” – J

Plot Summary: After his father died Claire Leonelli became the new leader of the mafia group named “Vampire.” Daisuke Arora and his partner “J” an android work for The Special Services Division to help stop crime in the city “Judoh.”

Heat Guy J is a show I heard about a while back on ANNcast when they were making reference to it every episode. First off the show looks really nice with nice detailed backgrounds and great animation especially during the fight scenes. The show’s audio is really good too with opening and ending themes that you’ll probably want to listen to later after you’ve finished the show. And the bagpipe theme that plays whenever Daisuke is in a tight situation and J comes to help him is great.

The characters in Heat Guy J are all likable  and well developed. And almost every line J says is instantly quotable. And the story is just excellent, a big part of it is about Daisuke’s relationship with his older brother. It’s kind of a shame this show didn’t do well in the US, it has all the elements for a really popular show and  I would totally recommend it to the people who have been asking “Where’s the next Cowboy Bebop?” for years. Oh well, on the plus-side the DVD boxed-set is on Funi’s S.A.V.E. line for a really good price, I definitely consider it worth owning (unless you hate action shows for some reason.)



Viewed on: Hulu dubbed.

Can I show this to my younger cousins? Maybe, if their parents let them see most comic book movies (Spider-Man, Iron-Man) then you probably could.

The Good: Excellent story, looks and sounds great, very likable characters, very fun to watch fights, basically an allaround fun show.

The Bad: Uhh… It’s not the best action show ever made, I guess.